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SugarDaddyToday is designed to be as easy to use and understand as we can reasonably make it. As you use the website, you’ll find that everything is pretty much self-explanatory. However, if you are unsure about something or can’t find the answer to a question you have, please contact us at Anytime you contact us, please include your MemberName!



Q. You indicate the site is free to join, free to send messages, and free to get messages. Is this really true?
A. Yes. As you probably know, many dating sites say they are free to join, but have significant restrictions about sending and receiving free messages. This is especially true for some classes of members. So even if you could send and receive messages for free, what’s the point of sending a message that can’t be opened and replied to by the recipient. This is the case with many of those sites. We are different. It’s free for all of our members to send and get messages.

Q. Do you run ads on the site?
A. No, our site is ad free.

Q. I just submitted my profile. When will my membership be activated so that I can log in for the first time?
A. This is usually done within 4 business hours, but could take up to 1 day. Once activated, you will receive an email letting you know that you can log in. If you don’t receive this email within 1 day, just try to log in - and contact us if you can't.

Q. Do I have to add pictures and/or direct contact information to my profile?
A. No, it’s optional. However, profiles with pictures are viewed more often and generally receive more interest from other members.

Q. If I don’t add my direct contact information to my profile, can I exchange this information with other members by sending them a message thru the site itself?
A. Yes, feel free to exchange direct contact information with other members.

Q. If I’m an escort or trying to find an escort, can I use the site?
A. No. Do not use the site for such purposes, or for any other illegal activity.

Q. If I am under age 18, can I use the site?
A. No. Do not join the site if you are under age 18.

Q. Do you run background checks on your members?
A. No. If you want to run a background check, search the internet to find a service that will do that for you. As you know, any dating situation can be risky, and be aware you are using this site at your own risk under all circumstances. Therefore, use caution, and definitely read our safety tips.

Q. If I ever decide to cancel my membership, how do I do that?
A. Log in and click the profile tab. Then, click the Cancel Membership link at the bottom of the page, and click once more to confirm.


Q. Can I join in more than one category?
A. Yes. Just use a different MemberName and email address for each profile. (For example. perhaps you are a Sugar Baby interested in both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas, and would like to join in the categories seeking each.)

Q. As to my location, the city I live in isn’t in your database yet. What should I do?
A. Just select a city near you. You can still be easily found by other members doing radius searches. And if you would like your city added to our database, just contact us.

Q. Once I see my city has been added to your database, can I then change my location?
A. Yes, just click the Profile tab and then click the Edit Profile link.

Q. I’m not a member yet. Can I still browse?
A. Yes. We don’t mind.



Q. Why can’t I log in?
A. Did you just join? If so, you may not be in the system yet. We usually have profiles in the system within 4 business hours, but it could take up to 1 day. Once in the system, you’ll receive an email. If you don’t receive your welcoming email in a timely manner, try logging in anyway. (You could have overlooked the email, especially if it went in your spam folder.) If you can’t log in within 1 day of joining, please contact us.

Q. I’m pretty sure I’m in the system, but I still can’t log in?
A. Make sure you are using your correct membername and password. If you are unsure about about your password, you can retrieve it by clicking “Forgot Password” in the log in area.

Q. I’m sure I’m using the correct membername and password, but I still can’t log in?
A. You might have a bad cookie. Delete your computer’s cookies. If you are unsure how, do a Google search for “deleting cookies.” You’ll see that deleting cookies is simple to do. It’s also something you should occasionally do anyway, since too many cookies slow your computer.

Q. I deleted my cookies and I still can’t log in?
A. Please contact us.



Q. Is it important that I adhere to Sugar Daddy Today’s website guidelines?
A. It’s very important. How you and another member interact off-site, we don’t care about that. However, while on this site, do follow the guidelines.

Q. What are the Profile and Message Guidelines?
A. In general, we do not allow anything that’s sexually suggestive or related to financial benefits (money, gifts, arrangements, etc.), even if just implied.

Q. What are the Picture Guidelines?
A. In general, pictures cannot contain nudity and must be tasteful. We do allow those who join in the model category to post pictures showing their bare buttocks and much of their breasts (nipples cannot be actually exposed).

Q. Where do I find the actual guidelines?
A. Just click the Website Guidelines link found at the bottom of most pages. You’ll also find them when joining, when editing your profile, when adding pictures, and when sending messages.

Q. If I notice another member has violated website guidelines, should I report it?
A. Yes. Just click Report Profile on that member’s profile page.



Q. What are the Picture Guidelines?
A. In general, pictures cannot contain nudity and must be tasteful.  Complete guidelines are found in the area where you add pictures.

Q. What are the picture formats accepted?
A. JPG, JPEG, and GIF.

Q. My pictures are in the wrong format. What should I do?
A. Do a Google search for “online image converter.” You’ll find free programs that make it easy to change picture formats.

Q. My pictures are sideways. Can I straighten them?
A. Yes, and you must do so. You’ll see how to rotate a picture once it’s posted. It’s easy.

Q. What should I know about my Avatar (the picture that displays on my profile page)?
A. It should clearly show your face-preferably being a headshot. And it must be completely non-sexual. (In other words, it can’t be considered sexually suggestive-even to a small degree.)

Q. How many pictures can I post to my Photo Album?
A. Up to 10.

Q. How easy is it to delete pictures?
A. Very. There’s a delete link on your Photo Page beside every picture you post.

Q. Who can see my avatar?
A. Anyone visiting the site can see your Avatar. However, you do not have to designate a picture to display as an Avatar.

Q. Can I upload pictures using a SmartPhone or iPhone?
A. Yes, you should be able to. If not, let us know.

Q. I can’t get my pictures to upload. What should I do?
A. If your pictures are in an acceptable format but won't upload, they probably need to be compressed. To do this, go to It's easy to do and will take only a minute. After this, if your pictures won't upload, email them to us and we'll upload your pictures. Include your MemberName.

Q. I don’t want to post a picture to my profile, but wish to post pictures to my Photo Album. Is this allowed?
A. Yes. Just don’t designate a picture as your Avatar when uploading pictures.

Q. If I don’t post an Avatar but do post pictures to my Photo Album, will I be included in the results for photo-only searches done by other members?
A. Yes, but only members logged in will be able to see pictures of you.

Q. What if I post a picture that SugarDaddyToday finds objectionable. Will it affect my membership?
A. Probably not. We’ll simply remove the picture. However, if you post something pornographic or is clearly more than just borderline nudity, that probably would affect your membership.

Q. Anything else I should know about the pictures I post?
A. Definitely do not violate any copyright laws, and remember the pictures we allow to be kept on your profile and photo album is solely our decision based on whether or not we view the picture in question to be an asset to SugarDaddyToday.



Q. When I’m viewing pictures of other members, how do I enlarge them on my screen?
A. Just click them.

Q. When I’m viewing pictures in the slideshow format, how do I change the picture displayed?
A. Just place your mouse over the picture, and a Next or Previous icon will display.



Q. How do I change or edit my profile?
A. Log in and click the Profile tab; then click the Edit Profile link, and go from there.

Q. What if I make changes SugarDaddyToday doesn’t like. Will it affect my membership?
A. Probably not. We’ll just edit what you did as we determine necessary. (Of course, a significant violation of website guidelines could affect your membership.)



Q. How do I get my messages from other members?
A. Just log in can click the Mail tab.

Q. How will I know I have new messages?
A. On most pages there’s a flashing indicator of such.

Q. Will I receive an email notification that I have new messages?
A. When you join, you can chose whether or not to receive email notifications of new messages. Once you’ve joined, you can change preferences by clicking the Profile tab and then clicking the Edit Profile link, and then going from there.

Q. Do you have Instant Messaging?
A. No. Many find it annoying if they receive an instant message from someone they aren't interested in. Instead of instant messaging, as you visit the more frequently visited pages, you'll know when a new message is in your Inbox. So what we have is like instant messaging, but isn't annoying.



Q. Can I send a message to a member in the same category I’m in?
A. Yes. It’s up to the intended recipient of your message to use the Category Blocker to block messages from members in the categories they chose. (Perhaps you are a Sugar Baby interested in making friends with other Sugar Babies.)

Q. What does happen if I send a message to a member who has blocked my category?
A. The message still shows as having been sent in your Outbox. However, the intended recipient of the message never receives it.

Q. How do I know a message I’ve sent has been opened by the recipient?
A. An opened envelope icon in your Outbox indicates such.



Q. Can I block specific members from sending me messages?
A. Yes. When the member in question sends you a message, just click the Block button at the bottom of the message box.

Q. Can I block all members from certain categories from sending me messages?
A. Yes. Just click the My Page tab and you’ll see the category blocker feature.

Q. Can I block all members from certain countries from sending me messages?
A. Yes. You’ll also find this feature on My Page. Using it is self-explanatory.



Q. I’m not a member yet. Can I still browse?
A. Yes. We don’t mind.

Q. What are my search by locations options?
A. You may search by country, by state/region, by city, or by a radius of a city.

Q. The city I wish to search for isn’t in your database yet. What should I do?
A. Just do a radius search of a nearby city. And if you would like the city in question to be added, contact us.

Q. What are the other search options?
A. You chose the category, the age range, select one or more (or all) ethnicities, whether to display in order of recently online or newest to join, and whether or not you want only profiles with pictures to be included.

Q. Could you explain the saved searches feature?
A. When you do a search, you can name and save it. This allows you to instantly do a search using the criteria saved. Saved searches display on My Page, and you must be logged in to save a search.

Q. What happens when I click the Last Search tab?
A. It instantly does the last search you did when you were logged in, even if from a previous session. And you must be logged in for this feature to work.

Q. On the search results page, I notice a Refresh Search button. Could you explain that?
A. Clicking it does the search you just did. You do not have to be logged in for this to work.

Q. Can I search for a specific member?
A. Yes. Just enter the MemberName in the search by member box in the search area.



Q. What direct contact info can I post?
A. Anything you wish as long as it’s truly direct contact info. This would include your email address, phone number, text number, etc. (Use caution, and it’s suggested you not use your primary email address.) Do not enter anything in the direct contact info box unless you are actually entering info where you can be contacted directly.

Q. Can I also post my direct contact info in the About Me box?
A. No.

Q. Can I block some members from seeing my direct contact info?
A. If you used the Category Blocker feature to block certain groups of members from sending you messages, those members cannot see your direct contact info.

Q. Do I have to post my direct contact info?
A. No. It’s optional.



Q. How do I upload private pictures?
A. As you upload each picture, you can chose whether or not to make it private. (If you chose a picture to be used as your Avatar, that picture cannot be made private.)

Q. Who can see my private pictures?
A. On every member’s profile page, there’s a button to click that adds that member to your private photo list. In order for a member to see your private photos, you must first add that member to your list.

Q. After I’ve added someone to my private photo list, can I later remove them?
A. Yes, on your photo page, click the link My Private Photo List, and you can then delete members from your list.

Q. Will I know which members have added me to their private photo list?
A. Yes, once on you’re My Private Photo List page, there’s a link to click for the reverse list.



Q. What could affect my membership status?
A. You violate website guidelines in a clear and significant manner. Remember, pictures must be tasteful and cannot contain nudity. The content you post to your profile and messages to other members cannot be of a sexual or financially-related nature (money, gifts, help, arrangements, etc.), even if just implied. In addition, your messages should not be clearly offensive to the member sent to, and no derogatory comments about other members or the site itself. And never promote any business opportunities or suggest online relationships, such as web cam shows.

Q. Anything else I need to be aware of?
A. Yes, if we determine or suspect you are not from the country you represent yourself as being from, or we suspect you’ve joined the site under false pretenses, your membership status could be affected.



Q. Do you have a Hot List feature?
A. Yes. Just click the Hotties tab. You’ll also notice a Reverse Hot List

Q. How do I change my membername, email address, password or category?
A. Send us an email with your request.


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